Fitness comes in many forms – group training, personal training, globo gym, at-home aerobic equipment, and to me that’s a good thing because as humans we are very unique and all have individual needs.

Every form of fitness inherently has its positives and negatives, but all of these done correctly can be very beneficial. However, the drawback for the client in these models is that although it is fun and the atmosphere is energetic, the individual ultimately loses on the coach being able to tailor to his/her needs and over time, long-term progress stagnates.

Enter Personalized Fitness: Customized Fitness

-Show up to train when it fits the convenience of your schedule

-Receive direct coaching feedback

-Monthly nutritional and habit formation (lifestyle/behavioral) support

Our Individual Design is programming that is built for a specific person and their specific goals and needs. We not only design a specific training program for each individual but we also provide lifestyle, nutrition, and mentality coaching to get people to their specific goals, whether it is general fitness, strength or aesthetics training, or sport specific training.

All of our clients start in the same way, first with an assessment.

During the Assessment we figure out things like:

  • How does this person move.This is why our clients go through a comprehensive assessment before being prescribed their individual program.

  • What are your goals?

  • What are your priorities and values?

  • What does a typical day look like for you and what changes can we make to get you closer to hitting your goals?

  • Body Composition Assessment through our Inbody scanner or other forms(picture/Clothes)

  • Work capacity testing based on your goals.

  • How are your Nutrition and lifestyle Habits and are they affecting your results?

That’s Followed with Creating the plan.

This will be Specific to your goals and assessment. Whether your goal is to lose 20lbs, drop 10% BF or be an athlete in a sport. We will take you through an assessment which will allow us to properly plan what you need and want with proper progressions. During this process our goal is to meet you where you are at, find your limiting factor, remove it, and watch you grow!

It doesn’t matter if your goals are general fitness or competing in Powerlifting, we’ve got a program for you.

  • Regular Inbody measurements(local)

  • As Needed  Assessments

  • Weekly Chat through online application TrueCoach

  • Lift video reviews as needed

  • Monthly one on one consultations(30 Minutes)

  • Online workout delivery and performance tracking through TrueCoach

  • Lifestyle and nutrition check-in and upgrades

  • Life coaching

  • A complete and comprehensive program tailored to your current abilities, lifestyle and goals

We believe that any fitness is better than no fitness, but individual design methods are ideal for reaching specific goals, fulfillment,  and longevity. Fitness goes beyond the gym and Individual design can give you a plan for the other parts of life.

Interested in seeing if Individual Design is right for you?

Immerse Yourself in a Fitness Environment that Fosters Pushing Limits and Meeting Personal Goals.

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