Hero WODs: What they are. Why they matter.

Hero WODs: What they are. Why they matter.

CrossFit has very strong ties to the military/first responders. The training style and methodology is utilized in many instances. This relationship also comes with the unfortunate consequence: loss.

Many service men and women give their lives for a cause that is bigger than themselves: for their country and for their comrades. Hero WODs were created to honor these fallen individuals.

There is nothing glamorous about the workouts. These WODs are usually longer, heavier, and grittier than many others done on a day-to-day basis. But there is something different about them. It’s more than just a WOD- it’s a living memorial, to many, for a complete stranger. But the connection is simple: he or she believed in our freedom, and our safety. These hero’s made the ultimate sacrifice. How can we even come close to thanking them?

Chances are, you’ll encounter the, “Why am I doing this workout?” moment during the WOD. The answer here is easy: you are doing it because they no longer can.

The workouts are typically more difficult so you can dig deep within yourself, to appreciate this moment that you have. Appreciate those who are pushing you through the workout, thank the men and women who continue to fight for your freedom, and remember that no matter how tough the WOD gets- you are around to feel it; which is a great gift within itself.

Whether it’s a holiday memorial or a Hero WOD programmed during a regular week, it is always important to remember these workouts origins.

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